Why Aerobic Exercises SUCK

Why Aerobic Exercises SUCK

1 simple trick to burn belly fat:

Hey y’all,

Mike Chang here with insanehomefatloss and thanks for joining us today.

In this video I’m going to tell you why we think aerobics SUCK…and the better form of exercise we use instead to lose fat.

Here’s the breakdown of today’s episode:


Well people have gotten results by doing them VERY consistently for long periods of time. For some people the group environment of a class helps them stay consistent, so they see results even though the workout isn’t the most effective. Too sum it up aerobics are definitely better than doing nothing!


Many low-intensity bodyweight cardio exercises, any “dance” exercise program like Zumba, most home workout courses, and most classes taught at gyms.


They waste time because all of the class take at least 45-60 minutes, where as you could get a complete workout in just 20 minutes.

Aerobics have a low Afterburn Effect, and long aerobics sessions burn a fair amount of calories directly, but very few through Afterburn. This means that shorter, high intensity workouts can burn more if you account for the Afterburn Effect

Aerobics just makes you lose weight. That means you’ll just be a smaller version of your current shape, you won’t look any better. Intense bodyweight exercises do shape your underlying muscle tone and make you look sexier and leaner.


Good alternatives ar high intensity bodyweight exercises like burpees, jumping knee tucks, etc. You can check out our other videos for lots of great alternatives to time-wasting and ineffective aerobics classes.

Hope you enjoyed! Drop me a comment below to let me know your thoughts on the video.

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Train hard,

Mike Chang

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