Total Body Core Circuit. Free Challenging 12 minute Flat Ab Routine.

Total Body Core Circuit. Free Challenging 12 minute Flat Ab Routine.

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No time? No equipment? No space? No problem. This travel-friendly, CrossFit-inspired total body core workout will blast fat and sculpt lean ab muscle in minutes. This uberpopular fitness program runs you through a series of functional exercises at an intense pace. This versatile workout requires no equipment and only a few feet of space, so your makeshift gym can be a hotel room, a park, or even the beach. Its a free and challenging cardio circuit that works every part of your body! This workout, created by Caroline Jordan, a fitness professional in San Francisco, targets every inch of your abs using your WHOLE body – to build lean muscle and boost your metabolism, while also improving your core strength and cardiovascular fitness. . Burpees, Squat hops, pushups, and planks – you are gonna WORK! Repeat the video 2-3 times for a longer sweat session. These moves will help you on your way to getting a strong, lean, powerful core muscles! Youll be sweating and feel the burn – ENJOY!

Remember, when it comes to improving your fitness and living a healthy life, ANYTHING counts. Keep moving, stay positive, and you WILL reach your health goals πŸ™‚

Leave a comment below when you have completed the routine and let me know what your favorite move was. Have a video request? Im ALL ears – would love to help you reach your goals πŸ™‚

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Always check with your doctor before beginning any workout routine. Practice mindfulness and stay smart – take care of your body and do whats right for you! Heres to health and a long life πŸ™‚


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