The Adidas PureBoost X is Just for Women

The Adidas PureBoost X is Just for Women

Adidas has released the PureBOOST X, a unique new running shoe designed specifically for women, by women

By Melissa Greer

The Adidas PureBoost X is Just for Women

Photo by: Adidas

Sorry guys, this running shoe is just for the ladies. The PureBOOST X was designed specifically for women with both function and fashion in mind. With a sleek and form-fitting silhouette, the shoe fits snug on female feet, which are typically narrower than men’s. This is a total win for women considering that most running shoes are adaptations of male shoes.

For the design of the PureBOOST X, adidas designers used Aramis, a motion tracking technology, to study the female foot and how it moves while running. “PureBOOST X is a product of innovation and style working in perfect harmony to meet the demands of today’s versatile female athlete,” says Jennifer Thomas, Senior Director for Global Brands, Running.

The midsole is comprised of the brand’s BOOST foam technology for optimal energy return, and the stretch mesh upper and lock-down lacing system provides an adaptable fit that hugs the foot.

But the most exciting feature (in our opinion), is the “floating arch.” Made from an adaptive stretch mesh, the floating arch wraps underneath the midfoot to provide a supportive feel and also easily adapts to different foot shapes and sizes.

Throw in a super cute design and colourway (those laces!) , and we’re officially smitten.

Adidas PureBOOST X, $130 in stores and on

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