2 Minute Chocolate Fluff Cake l GLUTEN FREE AND LOW CARB

2 Minute Chocolate Fluff Cake l GLUTEN FREE AND LOW CARB

2 Minute Chocolate Fluff Cake l GLUTEN FREE AND LOW CARB:

If you are looking to treat yourself without blowing an entire week of good eating, this single-serve microwavable cake is going to satisfy your sweet tooth and is one of the easiest cakes in the world to make! This is my twist on a “mug” cake. I took a traditional mug cake recipe, made it low carb and layered it so that I had another excuse to use my favorite substance on planet earth, Coconut Fluff. I make a few of these at a time and leave out the butter and egg. I store them in glass Pyrex dishes so that they are ready to go and make a simple, quick snack or delicious dessert! When I am ready to make a cake, I simply add my butter and egg and pop it in the microwave. 60 Seconds later I am in Chocolate Fluff Cake heaven.

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